Monthly Archives: March 2018

I Can’t Continue to Try to Do Everything on My Own

I didn’t fully recognize just how much physical labor my husband did around our home until after he was no longer alive. I have had to take over all of his duties, and I caused a lot of harm to my back and needed to see a chiropractor recently because of it. I will need to hire someone to come help with a lot of things because I have learned that I can’t do all the things that my husband once did. I do have two sons, but they do not live nearby, and they only have the ability to come home around once every six months or so.

I miss having my husband of 34 years around. We were best friends in every way. We made such a good team together. We took good care of our home inside and out. We had a lot of fun in our home. We held dinner parties and barbecues regularly for our friends. We really enjoyed having a home that looked good.