A Month Can Pass by Quickly

The Cumming chiropractor gave me the good news about my back, so I went hiking again for the first time in a month. I stopped hiking because I fell one month ago while going up a new trail. I went there with a friend and it was a nice place. The view was incredible, and the flora and fauna were pretty unique among the trails that I’ve hiked before. It would have been the perfect day if I hadn’t taken that fall. My friend had to help me back down the trail and to the chiropractor because I couldn’t get there on my own.

For as bad as the fall seemed, my friend was surprised that I wasn’t screaming in pain from it. I usually try to keep a straight face when I’m in pain, even if the pain is intense. It’s not easy to do, but I can pull it off. Other people prefer to let all of their emotions out while they’re in pain and cry and scream, but that doesn’t do any good. It won’t make the pain any better, and won’t speed up the healing process, so I’d rather just save my energy on that. The chiropractor told me that I was lucky that the fall wasn’t worse.

Although I couldn’t go hiking while I recovered from my injury, life wasn’t so bad. I looked at new trails that I could take once my back became better. The thought of being able to hike them later made me more focused on healing. My friend came to see me every day while I recovered. He blamed himself for my injury, but I told him that it was entirely my fault for not looking where I was going. The fall could have happened to anyone, it’s just that it happened to me.