I Wanted to Dance Again

I used to love to go dancing with my friends, but that all ended when I fell down a flight of stairs. I had to have surgery on my leg, and I just never had the confidence to dance in front of people again. I had a lot of pain even though I had gone to physical therapy, which a new doctor I started seeing thought was odd. He told me that with the surgery I had, I should have resumed a normal life, including dancing. He asked if I had seen any San Francisco chiropractors because he felt that one would be able to give me back the life that I had before my fall.

I had not gone to one simply because no one had told me before that it would be a good idea. I really trusted this doctor though, and his reasoning made perfect sense to me. He explained that a chiropractor can help people who are still feeling pain from auto accidents that happened decades ago, so he felt that one could definitely improve the quality of my life and have me wearing dancing shoes again since this was a fairly recent injury.

I went to the chiropractor that he suggested, and I was made to feel comfortable right from the start. He explained every part of the examination, and then he ordered some imaging tests because he wanted to see exactly what kind of damage was still inside my leg that was causing me the pain I was experiencing. After getting those answers, he was able to devise a treatment plan that consisted of heat and ice treatments, alternating between the two, and massage therapy. Of course, I had adjustments and stem treatments as well, and I am so happy I went there because I am back to line dancing with my friends at least once a week now.