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3D Crest White Strips Are All You Need to Whiten Teeth

When you meet a person for the first time,they are highly likely to notice the way you smile and more importantly the kind of teeth you have. It has been observed that many men don’t view a woman whose teeth are stained as attractive.

In truth,the color and shape of your teeth could be indicative of other important things such as the status of your personal health. As a result,a lot of people in the United States place a lot of importance on how their teeth look like. It is also why Americans spend an estimated 1 billion dollars every year on dental procedures.

One of the ways through which you can improve the appearance of your teeth is using Crest White strips.

There are various reasons teeth appear stained or darkened.

There is one thing that tea,coffee and red wine have in common and that is they all contain color pigments known as chromogens;these are some of the culprits responsible for teeth staining.

This substance contains two destructive compounds,tar and nicotine which deny you those white teeth you would prefer.

Regardless of how white your teeth look like today,it would be unrealistic to expect them to remain that way for the rest of your life. As we age, our teeth tend to lose the whitish part called enamel,and a yellowish part called dentin shows through.

There are some medications such as antihistamines,antipsychotics ,and high blood medications which have the side effect of darkening teeth. Children who are exposed to certain types of antibiotics are likely to have teeth that appear discolored in adult life.

There are all manner of products out there that are lauded as possessing the power to whiten teeth,but do they really work?

A product that has peroxide as part of its formulation can and will whiten your teeth. The process of eliminating coloration from teeth is known as chairside bleaching.

With the right whitening products and equipped with relevant information,anyone can whiten their teeth at home. One of the products you can buy from U.K retailers to whiten your teeth is Crest teeth whitening strips.

The Crest white strips are stuck onto teeth;the bleaching agent in them works on the coloration on the teeth,whitening them. This strip has a lower level of the bleaching agent than the solution used by dentists in their offices.

It can be traumatizing to be viewed negatively by future potential boyfriends or girlfriends,but luckily, Crest white strips or a visit to a qualified dentist will do the trick.