My New Place is Pretty Nice

I really had to go see a chiropractor in Beverly Hills after I got done with the move. I have been looking for a new place to live for a couple of months, not knowing if I want to get a new apartment or perhaps rent a little house. Of course my real problem with my apartment is the fact that all of my neighbors like to party while I am trying to sleep. My schedule has me up before the light of day and I am in the office at half past six in the morning. So it does not please me when these people want to play loud music and party until the break of dawn. There is not much point in complaining really, since all of the other neighbors are calling the police and because there is not much going to stop them. These people are getting off of work around midnight and they are not getting out of bed until the break of noon. So they just do not have much incentive to stay quiet all night and let me sleep.

It is a big deal for me obviously. I want to be able to get a good night’s sleep and I want to be able to get to my job as quickly as possible. So I have been checking out all of the neighborhoods that are close to the place. There are some areas where there are a bunch of tiny little homes and that would be perfect for me. In fact it seems as though it would not really be that hard to save up the down payment for such a house would not be that difficult to save. In fact a lot of people drive new cars that cost far less than some of these homes will cost. I saw one that was listed for 40 thousand, but it was not in great shape.