Significant Relief for Diabetic Neuropathy

I finally researched Concord chiropractors after exhausting all other options in finding relief for my diabetic neuropathy. I actually feel rather lucky even though I’ve got this condition because the discomfort from it is very mild. I’ve got slight numbness and tingling in one side of my body, and it’s a bit more pronounced in my left foot and left hand. Many people who have this horrible condition suffer far worse problems from it than I do. I know a gentleman who had to have his foot amputated because of an infection he got because he couldn’t feel an injury on the bottom of his foot.

Still, it’s a real drag to have the constant numbness. My body almost feels bifurcated because the right side is fine, but the left side just feels weird. When it first happened I thought I’d had a stroke, but an examination revealed that it was diabetic neuropathy. There’s no known cure for it as far as I could discover. You can try a lot of medications and of course watching your diet is a must, but the numbness persists. Some days it is better than others, but it is always present. I decided to try something different.

I went to a chiropractor without any guarantee that they could help with the problem. I just wanted some relief. I certainly didn’t think they could cure it, but I hoped they could do something that would slow the progress of it because most likely it will get worse. They gave me some injections and some adjustments and repeated that course of treatment over several weeks. I have to return for more, but I must say I do feel better. I even have some days where I can barely feel it. I’m glad I took a chance and sought out an alternative treatment.