This New Way of Life for Me

It is a hard fact to accept when you become disabled. I know this because I went from a very independent person to someone who no longer has full use of his legs. I can still stand up from a chair, but I cannot walk more than a few steps before I have to sit back down. Truth be told, getting up from a chair was even getting harder because my muscles in my legs were just not being used properly anymore. I dreaded having to look at mobility aids because it was basically telling myself that I was no longer who I used to be.

I had that pity party for a few weeks, and I am just thankful that it did not last any longer. I had to really have a stern reality check with myself because this was my new reality. I could either accept it, or I could continue to fight a losing battle. With only those two options, I chose to finally embrace my new lifestyle, and it is such a blessing that I did that. I went to the website that my physical therapist had suggested, and that is what changed my life for the better.

I needed help in so many ways. I looked at the riser recliners, and I knew that I was going to get two of those. I wanted one for my living room since that is where company sits when people come over, but I wanted another for my bedroom, which is my private sanctuary. I was able to get two recliners at a great price. I was also able to get a transport wheelchair for when I had to go out with someone, a walker to help get myself around in the house better, and a mobility scooter so I would no longer be a prisoner in my own house. It has not been easy getting to this place where I can be happy again, and it is this rough journey that has allowed me to help others who are new to this walk, no pun intended!