We Just Got Back from the Mountains

I do not mind this stuff as much as a lot of the people in the office do, but this one was a bit silly. The new boss is really big on that team building stuff, they send you up in the mountains and try to convince everyone that they should trust one another. I love the going up in the mountains, but I do not want people to tell me what I have to do while I am up there. I had to start looking for Santa Rosa chiropractors when I got back. It turned out that I really could not trust the guy they paired me up with. He has been chasing this girl from the accounting department, even though she wants nothing to do with it. At any rate he was really irritated that she managed to dodge him, while I was not really worried about who they stuck me with.

We were doing this stuff where you climb and the other person handles a safety rope, or in this case the other person stands there and stares at a woman who does not care if he drops dead or not. If the guy was doing what he is supposed to do I am perfectly fine and still the fall did not seem like that big of a deal at the time. I was really too mad at this guy to realize that I had hurt my back. The guy never even saw that I had hit the ground so hard that I had nearly bit my tongue. It was a good thing for him that I was able to control myself, because I was ready to wail on him at first. My supervisor saw what happened and he went off on that guy before I could do anything.