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Types of Vasectomy and The Procedure Involved

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A tiny cut is made to one part of the scrotum and only one vas deferens will be taken out by the use of two clamps. The segment between the clamps will be removed and sealed with sutures then cauterized with an electric needle. The vas deferens will then be returned it the scrotum and the patient can choose to apply anesthetic cream is they do not want to experience the pain of an anesthetic needle.

In this procedure, only the vas deferens leading to the prostate are closed plus this is the most common procedure to date. The No-Scalpel procedure involves the use of tubes which the doctor Has to make a small puncture so that they can stretch and pull out the tubes, the tubes should be held on one place using little ring-like clamp. The above methods can be substituted with a Vasclip Implantation where the vas deferens are locked so sperms cannot go through the ejaculation duct.

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