Winter Fun with the Jelly

There’s soemthing about the winter season that makes people ready for a good, intimate time. I thought summer would be the best time for these moments, but I was wrong. I exhausted my supply of jelly and had to follow a “click here for more” link to get some more before continuing. My female friend who I see often has pretty much been in the mood most days out of the week and wants to come over to my place often. If this keeps up, I’ll probably have to go shopping for a new bed as well.

Before I was getting so much attention from my female friend, I was getting a lot less and with another person. At the time, I was using some special pills that I had gotten from a friend, but I felt that they weren’t really having the same effect that they used to have when I started taking them. It was like they were only giving me a little bit of a boost, but that would only last for a few minutes at the most, and then go away, leaving me with nothing. This wasn’t pleasing to my female friend, so she left me.

Once I started using the jelly that I got from another friend, things were going much better for me. The boost I got from the jelly was like what I initially got from the pills, only a lot better. I felt like I had the stamina and stregnth of someone who had been in their early 20s. For a guy as old as I am, a feeling like that is something that I don’t want to take for granted. Many of the young guys don’t realize that they will have to deal with the problem sooner or later, and I hope they have jelly.